ANA August 2011 Newsletter

A message from the Anaheim Neighborhood Association:

The Anaheim Neighborhood Association wants to extend a big THANK YOU to the many people who helped in our effort to repair and paint the home of Marion Harvey. Over 50 people turned out to scrape and paint or helped through donations. This was truly a community effort, and we greatly appreciate everyone’s support. We have some photos up both prep and paint days on our website:

Click here to view the photos.

We want you be aware of a California state law, Senate Bill 2, that will be affecting the City of Anaheim in the near future. SB 2 requires local governments to reduce requirements for transitional and supportive housing and emergency shelters and allows for these uses to be built without discretionary actions by the City.

Under SB 2, cities have the ability to restrict emergency shelters (also known as homeless shelters) to certain zones, and the legislation is very specific as to maximum number of beds, parking, amenities, lighting, security, and hours of operation. Thus far, the City has recommended these emergency shelters be limited to the Industrial Zone, and ANA supports this idea. However, the decision has not yet been finalized, and is being met wtih opposition from businesses within those zones, so we encourage you to contact the planner on the project, Tracy Sato, and let her know your thoughts. This zoning makes sense and is the best compromise solution to this State mandated requirement. She can be reached at

With regards to transitional housing under SB 2, the City’s hands are tied, and this section of the law, as written, will have a disastrous effect on our residential neighborhoods. The law allows for facilities to be installed within any zoning in the city without any discretionary actions or conditions, such as a Conditional Use Permit. This means there are no limits, restrictions, or requirements as to location, number of beds, parking, staffing, recovery programs, or any other types of oversight used in the past for similar facilities. These oversights are used to ensure the health and well being of both the occupants and the surrounding communities. Our concern is that this law leaves it open for less than scrupulous landlords to allow these facilities to be operated in a substandard fashion, allowing overcrowded and unhealthy living conditions. This law, as written, allows any property owner to convert their home, apartment, or other building into an unregulated, unsupervised housing facility, with no restrictions on occupancy levels, living conditions, type of program, and so forth. The destructive impact on our neighborhoods created by the implementation of this law is obvious and unacceptable.

If you share our concerns, we ask you to write to your mayor and city council expressing your concerns about the potential impacts, and ask the City to take all available means and legal actions to mitigate those impacts.

On a lighter note, ANA will be conducting a Historic Home Tour in the Spring of 2012. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, contact Larry Torgerson at

For the Planning Department’s latest Development Activity Log, click on the link below:

We encourage you to get involved and be aware of what is going on around you in the city. If you would like additional information regarding any of the items in the Development Activity Log you can:

1.Contact the planner on the project

2.Contact ANA through our website at

3.Reply to this email

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